3.19.2007 -
Sections updated: bios Juice (bass) has quit the band. Again. The mothafucka!

2.15.2007 -
Sections updated: 44lbs was featured in the Gazette for Prince George's County, MD. The original article is here:, but you can also find a printed copy here: Thanks to Denny Carter and Bryan Hanes for hooking this up!

1.22.2007 -
Sections updated: bios Juice (bass) has rejoined the band. Previous directional differences have been reconciled.

11.2.2006 -
Sections updated: bios Juice (bass) has left the band. He is not satisfied with the direction in which the band is headed. We wish him best of luck in his future endeavors. Developments of recruitment will be posted as they become available.

1.27.2006 -
and here it is, immortalized... right-click and save

1.15.2006 -
As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, "Crazy Bitch" will be Track of the Day at
For 24 hours on Friday, the 27th of January, 2006 (PST) "Crazy Bitch" will be featured on's Experimental Rock front page. The address for this page will be:
Be sure to check it out.

1.1.2006 -
Sections updated: merchandise We now have stickers! Show your support for local music: one for your car, one for your guitar case, one for the drummer, two for your mother. Check out the merchandise section for more information.

12.11.2005 -
Sections updated: downloads Card game is now available for download. Go to our myspace or navigate to the Downloads section of this site.

11.12.2005 -
Sections updated: downloads, pics Our sessions at Eviction Studios have come to an end, and before the end of the year we will have a ready, printed demo and be back on our feet and gigging. For now, we're putting up some MP3s in the downloads section - two new ones, and a remaster of Crazy Bitch.

9.14.2005 -
Sections updated: message board We have re-launched a message board. This time we're using SMF 1.0.5, not a home-made one, so hopefully it'll run bug-free. If you experience problems with the board, please contact our technical support at

4.4.2005 -
Sections updated: downloads 44lbs would like to submit to the masses the 44 Day mix of "Crazy Bitch", recorded in many basement studio sessions for the past month and a half. We hope you enjoy this small taste of the fruits of our labor. Look for future tracks from the forthcomming "Waiting On Red" EP.

As always, our message board is open for all your comments, concerns, and critisicms.

2.22.2005 -
Sections updated: bios Ilia changed his last name. It's now spelled with one S.

11.10.04 -
Sections updated: Shows Times have been posted for the November 20th show at Kaos Grill. See the shows section for more detail. Again, the Concepts section will be updated, ummm.......soon enough.

9.28.04 -
Sections updated: Shows, Lyrics The show at the Thunderdome has been cancelled due to inadequate booking. However, 44lbs is planning to play a show in November at Towson's Kaos Grill. It's a 21+ show; come for cheap drinks, stay for good music. We've also been writing new material, so take a look at the lyrics section. We'll update the Concepts section shortly.

8.15.04 -
Sections updated: Shows After a brief vacation at the end of August, 44lbs is playing a show at the Thunderdome - check out the shows section for details. Also, we are making an appearance at a fraternity house in College Park, MD at the University of Maryland's Delta Sigma Phi. We don't have any details on this show, but if you're from the area, you might see us there, so don't be surprised!

3.31.04 -
Sections updated: Shows No, it's not an April Fool's joke. 44lbs has found a new members: Juice, on bass. His bio will be in the bios section shortly; meanwhile, come check out our first show in nine months - May 1 at the SANTa Fe (College Park, MD).

2.20.04 -
Sections updated: Bios Contacts We lost two more - Omar and Sam have been growing distANT from the band as of late, and at this point it's official that we won't be playing together anymore. We are in the process of searching for replacements. Please let people know who you think might be interested. Or, if you play something, let's jam and see what comes of it.

10.04.03 -
Sections updated: Downloads New MP3s from the latest Thunderdome show are available for download. Pictures from a recent show at Hal Daddy's coming whenever we get around to them.

3.26.03 -
Sections updated: News What's up, y'all? Not much with us, we're busy learning some new rep and gearing up for some heavy gigging this summer. Some new originals and a few covers we think the fans will appreciate. Drop us a line in the guestbook if you wANT to hear a song covered. Right now our country is in the midst of a war, as I'm sure everyone knows. We felt the need to put out a statement regarding our position. We respect and support our troops and detest the way Iraq handled themselves before the war and since the war started, but we feel our government's motives in Iraq's future are dubious at best. Therefore, while we thoroughly support our boys, we cannot support this war. Drop us a line and let us know how you are feeling. Keep the level. Peace

2.18.03 - Several MP3s from the show at the Thunderdome got out in the open, and are now available in the Downloads section of this web site. Check them out, and let us know what you think.
Sections updated: Downloads

1.10.03 - We had a great time at the thunderdome, thanks to all the fans that came out to support us. Look for us to play there again come spring.
Sections updated: Shows, and Pics

12.09.02 - T-shirts now available. Check out the Merchandise section for more info. Also, for those of you interested, Ilia's bio has been updated. Everything you never wANTed to know about him, but asked anyway! Check it out, and buy a shirt while you're at it.
Sections updated: Merchandise, Bios

11.20.02 - 44lbs is playing with Wolfpac on Dec. 14th, and a big show on Dec. 22nd. Tickets are available from us at presale prices, contact ANT for info. Details regarding both shows, as well as other upcoming shows, are available on the shows page.
Soon to be updated: Pics, Bios

8.21.02 - 44lbs has been, for some time, using Sam Richter as our bass player. Sam, Omar's brother, is now officially part of the band. We are planning to book shows in short order, so keep your eyes open for updates.
Soon to be updated: Bios

5.02.02 - Well, finally we're well on the way to getting back on our feet. 44lbs played a show on April 28th at The Spotlight in Virginia. At the show we showcased some of our new material, and this was also Omar's debut on vocals and keyboards as part of our line-up. Omar's brother, Sam Richter, helped us out on bass. The band's photographer, Valentin, has also taken some new pictures for us, which will be available on the web site very soon.
Soon to be updated: Pics

3.19.02 - Great news. And then there were 4. Of late, Omar Richter has officially joined the band. His numerous talents include keyboard playing, rapping, singing and lyric writing. The institution of keyboards as a main instrument our band is providing a new creative medium that is really taking our music to the next level. We are thrilled with this addition and hope you enjoy where the new music will take you. See you all soon.
PS Still looking for a new bassist, but have some promising leads. Peace.
Sections updated: News, Shows, Bios

3.04.02 - So, yeah.... Not much here. We are steadily on our way to a full-fledged comeback. We currently have two prospective members, both of whom expressed great interest in joining the band full-time. We'll let you know more of what's up with that as soon as we have a bit more certainty. Also, we are planning to record a new song this month, so check back here again for updates on that. Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at some updates on the web site.
Sections updated: News, Lyrics, Links

2.05.02 - As of February 4th of this year, Steve West has also officially parted ways with the band. His involvment and interest in the band have decreased over the past several months and with a hectic work and school schedule, he has found it isn't something he can commit to any longer. This is a very unfortunate occurence. He left on the warmest terms. Unlike Shryock. We wish him the best in all future projects, musical and otherwise.
Sections updated: News, Bios

10.24.01 - John Shryock has officially parted ways with the band, and is no longer involved with us in any direct way. This is very sudden and quite unfortunate, and we thank all the fans that have pledged their support despite this occurence. 44lbs is planning to continue as 44lbs, and currently we are actively looking for a replacement guitarist/singer. As of current, ANT has taken over most of the booking duties, Josh is now the official spokesman for the group, and Ilia will be taking over web site duties for time being. The band will continue to write, perform, and record in the area. We are still dedicated to bringing you some of the best music you'll ever hear, so make sure you don't miss anything, check with the web site/fan club from time to time.
Sections updated: News, Bios, Pics

08.12.01 - The show at Hard Rock Cafe was a mondo success despite weather problems... Sorry to everyone that couldn't make it out!!! We rocked the stage for a good twenty minutes that made a lasting impression on the audience. Our set was cut short to make room for Jepetto, who was unable to play that night. Props to all of the bands that played, specially Mr. Underhill and Bad Ronald. Everyone managed to raise a lot of money for NORML. Finally, big thanks to ASH from Reflux for setting up the show. We will soon have compilation CD's for sale, featuring all of the bands that played that night and more!!! Check in for details soon.

08.02.01 - EVERYTHING UPDATED!!! Check it all out... new design, new lyrics, new shows, new pics! Thanks for the continuing support during this time of hardship for ANT, he is feeling better, but will still be hurt for a long time. The show at Piezano's went awesome, even with ANT being injured. Right now, we are focusing on finishing up this summer as strong as we can, and then during September and October we will play very few shows, in order to focus on recording our album. Stay tuned, and be sure to make some of these final shows of the summer! Sections updated: Everything

07.06.01 - BAD NEWS - ANT broke his leg. Read more about it here, in a letter from him. ANT was just released from the hospital today, after breaking his leg on Tuesday. We played Paloma's last night, and it really didn't work out well at all. Yes, it sucked. Playing without ANT was a horrible idea... due to this, we are cancelling this Saturday's show at Hal Daddy's. Apologies to everyone, but this is for the best. We will be playing the show next Sunday, July 15th, with Forever AD, Oddzar, and Ransack at the Knights of Columbus in Odenton. Come on out and show some love for our broken lead singer. GOOD NEWS - During the past few weeks, we have been negotiating a record contract with Stepping Stone records in Baltimore, Maryland. We will be signing the contract tomorrow, and will start working on a new album on Sunday. This is a one-year exclusive recording contract that we are VERY lucky to get!!! Stay tuned for details on that... and we'll talk to you soon.
Sections updated: Shows, Pics to be updated within a few days.

07.02.01 - 44lbs has entered the Jaxx Battle of the Bands! 125 bands are participating! This could be the local music event of the year. So be sure to help 44lbs win by coming out on August 3rd @ 7:30!!! Also, Item 16 is unfortunately unable to play with us at Piezano's on July 20th... but we have gotten SPINFIRE to appear with us! They will be headlining that night, be sure to check it out. We are soon to be forming a street team, since things are really picking up and we've been so busy lately. The first thing to do is see how many people you can get to join our Yahoo Fanclub and our E-mail list! And if you aren't on it yourself, what're you thinking!?!??!? Get on there! It is becoming more and more importANT to keep everyone updated on all of the 44lbs news.
Sections updated: Shows, Pics to be updated within a few days.

06.18.01 - Wanna know why 44lbs fans are the best? Because they will stay at Jaxx in VA until 11pm to see 44lbs play, when they have work the next morning. Thanks to everyone for making this one of our most enjoyable shows ever. Also, special thanks goes to Rob Timm and Pogo from WHFS for emceeing the show. Here's a cool thing that happened at the show - Johnny broke 2 guitar strings (ack, we know...) but luckily, Jimmy McD from Supine lent us a guitar to finish our set. We ended up playing with the guitar featured on the MTV music video "High!" Definitely neat. Supine played well and we hung out afterwards, they are some down to earth guys. We've got a rack more of gigs now - in short, Rex's in PA, Paloma's, Hal Daddy's, Piezano's, Woods, Recher Theatre, and Hard Rock Cafe!! Make sure to be on our e-mailing list (join on the main page) so you can hear more about these upcoming show. Peace!
Sections updated: Shows, Links, Pics to be updated within a few days.

06.15.01 - Hey all! Show at Hard Rock Cafe was a huge success. We opened up the event, which was rough, but still gave a great show. During the middle of "Fearless," the whole area was silent, all eyes on 44. And special thanks for support and happy birthday to Pez!! Shows are being added often nowadays, be sure to keep checking back. We've been booking some pretty nice gigs, more news on the bands helping us out to come. Thanks for the awesome support everyone. We'll be seein you at shows soon (ours and otherwise)!! Peace - Sections updated: Shows, Links.

05.26.01 - Hola. Show at woods on May 11th = abso-frickin-lutely amazing. Had a super blast. Thanks for Paula for selling 44lbs shirts!! And thanks to all of our friends for coming out. Unfortunately, Supermack pulled out of the show on the 17th. But 44lbs and Jepetto are still playing... what more do you need?!?! We've also got another show booked, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore. All day, free, tons of bands. Good times. We still have pre-sale tickets for the show at Jaxx leftover, so be sure to get yours now if you haven't already! Check out the updated Art section, with a 44lbs piece drawn by Kerri Martinec. Also, our pics section is awesome now, thanks to our photographer Lara!! Check it out.
Sections updated: Artwork, Pics, Shows.

04.29.01 - Hey everyone, what's up. We flyered the Hybred show at Piezano's last night and had an awesome time. Hybred put on a helluva show. Also, we've got some frickin' amazing news for you all... WE'RE PLAYING WITH JEPETTO!!! Yeah yeah, we're excited as all hell. Not only are we playing with Jepetto... but to top it off, we're playing with SUPERMACK also!!! Needless to say, this is a HUGE show you have to be at. We're pre-selling tickets at all of our shows, but you can call ANT, or email us for tickets and we'll be happy to get them to you. Pre-sale is only $7.00, but if you buy at the door you'll pay $10.00, so buying pre-sale is the smarter option. This is like a LocalPalooza show, there will be seven bands there - it's an all day event and we're going last, so save your energy!
Sections updated: Shows.

04.16.01 - Well, we've one-upped ourselves yet again. As expected, the show at the Vault was our most intense performance yet. We have pictures of the show online now, and soon we will be posting live MP3's of this show! We are going to start booking for the end of May and all of June now. Our next show is May 11th at Woods in Severna Park. This one is all ages, so we hope to see all of you there!!
Sections updated: Shows, Lyrics, Pics, Navigation Bar (link to Yahoo Club).

04.07.01 - We've got MP3s up!!! Check them out at our media page. The show at Wilde Times Cafe went really well - we feel that it was our best performance thus far. We're going to buy larger PA speakers though, since the vocals weren't loud enough. We really wANT our lyrics to be heard, there's just as much value in our words as our music. For those who couldn't make it, check us out at the Vault this Thursday. It's going to be a killer show and we're gonna give an awesome performance. Sorry to our younger fans - you've gotta be 18 or older for this one. Hope to see you all there!
Sections updated: Media, Shows.

03.22.01 - Well I haven't updated the page in a while... most of the work in 44lbs has been going on in our practice room. We are going to record our 3 song demo on Monday! The songs are Fearless, How Far, and Perfectly (the girl song). We've been doing a lot of writing and song critiquing lately. You'll note that we haven't been playing any shows lately, expect this to change around May and June. We are playing a few shows in April, but our extensive gigging will start taking place towards the end of May or beginning of June. Stay tuned.
Sections updated: Lyrics, Josh's bio.

02.15.01 - The show at Cafe Tattoo went awesome... we ended up playing first and impressing a lot of people, and having a great time doing it. Also, great job to the other bands that played - especially Oddzar, Pourbox, and Undermine. Also, we don't like Valentine's Day, in case anyone was wondering.
Sections updated: Lyrics, Shows, Artwork.

02.04.01 - Wow. Our website hasn't even been up for a month and at last check we were at 580 views. So, needless to say, we are very happy with the web support we have been getting. Also, people have been joining the e-mailing list - make sure you join up!! We had a pretty awesome turnout for our first show, a lot of Josh's friends came out to show their love - thanks to all of you who came out. Also, special thanks goes out to Kaydo from MMZonline, he did a freestyle rap to one of our improvisational jams... and he tore up.
Sections updated: Lyrics, Shows.

01.20.01 - Thanks a lot to all the people who have visited our site and signed our guestbook. It is much appreciated - we look forward to all of your continued support throughout the next several months of us starting up. Be sure to check us out at Cafe Tatoo on Feb 11th, we're playing with our friends Pourbox and Undermine.

01.08.01 - Web page first worked on, notice the amazingly short time it took to get this site up and running... hehe I'm just givin myself props.. I hope it turns out to be quite a rockin page with many hits on it throughout the longstanding career of this 5-piece allstar lineup.