Featuring Hit Single CRAZY BITCH

No, it's not the Buck Cherry song. We do not have the Buck Cherry song, and we sincerely apologize. You are in luck however! We have our own song by the same name, that we wrote long before they did. We believe ours is better, but it's a matter of taste really. Check it out in the mp3/downloads section.

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We are 44lbs - a local band based in College Park, MD performing in the Washington DC/ Annapolis/Baltimore/Northern VA area. We like to describe our music as kind of an eclectic funk-rock, trip-hop, metal-jam, reggae-rap groove with a touch of classical and a little bit of jazz. Some bands whose music we regard for inspiration are 311, Sublime, RHCP, among others; personal musical influences of each individual member are numerous and varied.

We cordially invite everyone to look around the web site, check out the band members' individual bios, and be sure to sign up for our message board and take a look at our Yahoo Group!