Tygons and ligers and Man, OH MY!
Trying to run the game like a god up in the sky.
Charles never imagined you could find this in nature,
The only way to accomplish this is to cage her,
Tie her down and sedate her.
To fulfill our dreams, we meddle with genes,
They do as we deem.
Or so it seems as we inseminate her.
Hip problems, bad eyes and weak bones that will break her
Offspring. We say come out and play.
Crossbreeds and hybrids the world over one day.
Selective breeding is cheating, you must accept blame;
Concoctings strains of life as of yet unnamed.
Its a shame.
How we strut our stuff, it isnt too tough,
To see that
Life is pretty enough without our involvement.
Nature's path is not one of humanic-revolvment.


Do unto others as you would have them do;
An etched in stone value by society abused.
You'll soon see how our arrogance has numbered our days; Even a dog won't soil, where he lays.
Glass houses break so put down your stones my friend,
For they've u[set a balance that should have had no end.
To please our wallets and our eyes we attack the planet,
Bear that in mind the next time you take it for grANTed.

What's next Hippopoceri? Maybe Chimpanillas?
Drilling through the amber, the new theme park thrilla.
Unicorns and griffins can now exist.
I guess dragons and centaurs are next on the list
Of creatures once mythed.
Rat's back grows an ear, we've bred dogs without fear,
Made a tenderer steer.
Now frogs with 5 legs, and fish with 3 eyes.
Hear the song it should be two, not genetic demise.
Valve of a pig, heart of a baboon.
Survival of the fittest catches up with you soon.
Stem cells, cryogenics, sex in a glass.
Its the letter of science but the spirit has passed.
Keep it all up at this rate and then shortly,
2 year old sheep, dying at 40.

Imported from Africa, we got killer bees.
Slashing at jungles, inviting disease.
The hole's getting bigger, watch Ross unfreeze.
The oceans will rise, too much CFCs.
Heed us, please!
Or if not, we won't die, just cease to thrive,
Lead miserable lives.
Skin cancer, asthma, extreme malnutrition.
Our children's children, in an awkward position.
Playing too close to monkeys created immuno-deficiency,
Keep exploiting the earth to maintain our eficiency.
Drilling in the tundra, why not solar power?
G. W.'s our leader, all our resources devoured.
Our planet's final hour.
To Gaea unloyal, we keep spilling oil,
The sea starts to boil.
Strip mines and quarries, the land's filled with craters.
The argument's over, there is no debate here.
Keep raping nature...enrage her.

Music by Ilia and Josh
Lyrics by ANT and Josh