Two Eyes

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king;
If I sleep with one eye open what hell you gonna bring?
When I take a stand you hit the ground;
Cause you can't mess with our original sound.
You try to classify it but it cannot be contained;
I don't care if you dig it cause I don't entertain.
I am a teacher, dropping my rhymes like a preacher;
You can't hide cause you're always in my reach.
A slave to my lyrics, cause you don't understand;
Never learned them in school, Fuck Uncle Sam.
If knowledge is power then the U.S. is powerless;
From the likes of me cause they can't censor this.
They've told enough lies; its almost everyday;
Its in our papers; but for the truth you ain't gotta pay.
Working fingers to the bone for the minimum pay;
They bone the working fingers then they call it a day.

Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth;
Now we're all half-blind and we'll never know the truth.
Cause you flipped the switch to the chair;
Read him his last rights pretending that you cared.
Been sitting on death row since 1776;
Our independence it left, it hit the bricks.
We're all slaves under the red white and blue
Our true color is green, It's nothing new
(Back to melody)

Listen up there's something wrong in America;
When there's cops upholding laws that aren't fair to ya.
There're people in Jail and they're doing hard time,
Almost half of them busted for a victimless crime.
Ask me what the hell I'm fighting for?
I'll tell you one of these days I'm gonna win the war.
Why should i be punished for taking the pipe off the shelf?
Its no one's job but my own to protect me from myself

Lyrics by ANT and Josh Music by Josh and Ilia.