May Day

Verse 1

i don't prophesize, no i hypothesize
i have observed our surroundings and now i realize
the datum I've collected has uncovered their lies
for years they tried to hide the truth
and then they took us or a ride, died
our founding fathers along with their will
bills worth next to nothing, rather than sell we need to build
still, material items rule this life it makes me ill
Government is big business, will this animal have its fill?
kill, kill, kill, says capitol hill, terror alert yellow, yo this is no drill
we can't chill, we need plastic wrap and duct tape
to seal off our windows so our fears don't escape
and the peoples' minds form behind are rapped
it's all fake election results and the war they make
it's easier for this elephANT to take take take
bleed us dry rather than care for our aches
mistakes put this man behind the podium
if i saw him on the streets, id elbow him


May Day , May Day, i've got something to say
we're going down in flames, why do you look the other way?
I say "may day, may day, altitude falling fast"
men in arms again, we're just repeating the past

Verse 2

It's time we stopped, children, what's that sound?
everybody look what's going down
rights and liberties that once were sound
disappeared when those twin towers hit the ground
drowned in our tears, caged by our fears
we asked why? and looked for guidance from our peers
and the cheaters, i mean leaders, our country's overseers
passed the USA Patriot Act without even being readers
The biggest public law, I mean what the fuck?
congress didn't know till Moore hijacked a good humor truck
amendments 1 through 5 have all but been struck
and a terrorist now includes fellow rackers of the muck
much more fell than just the towers
constitution grANTed powers, to stand against cold reign showers
to speak against the masses if what they're tasting is quite sour
terror wins when we are right-less, our country's final hour
stop the silence and speak forever much much louder
be what are forefather's dreamed, in the end we will be prouder

Verse 3

going down in flames, can't let them die in vein
remember the slain, but don't give into the pain
we must remain civil, on good values make a claim
fighting ignorance should be our main aim
not men with foreign names, their women and children maimed
stop living the life of shame, treating war as just a game
and lives of soldiers as the same lame predestined
to die as we strive to be petro-fiends


Lyrics by ANT
Music by Ilia, Josh, Juice