Just A Pawn


I begin this game unprepared,
No plan for attack, defenseless and scared,
Unaware of the path I ought take,
Apprehensive and weary each move that make.
Can I send my ranks to prevail?
Accept what will come if they perish and fail?
The task is too grave to pretend,
That my next conscious move won't determine my end.


Alive is this battle, my soldiers irate,
Lined up for a match, with an army 2x8,
I must both capture the king and protect my own state,
Equate each move I make with the struggle of fate. To entice the enemy I must offer up bait.
Without hesitation I attack I can't wait.
I search to create a flank against would be captures,
For if I fail to use wits, there's sure to be rapture.

Our army's are equal in size, stature and skill;
Each piece is a tool, to command at one's will.
I've seen this formation, encountered in my drills,
Still something's awry, all's quiet on the hill.
Pawns sacrificed, then knights on horses make blood spill.
The king and queen on thrown, their intent is not but ill.
Still I can't let it phase me, I must remain headstrong,
Still the enemy amazes me, I am beat if one move's wrong.

Yo, mic check, mate, are we making it shown?
What's the effect? Great, is the skill we own.
Have some respect, wait, it'll soon be shown,
Who is just a pawn, and who holds the throne.

A new postition, regrouping of men.
Attack from the left, attack again.
Sneak a peek at the lion's den.
Re-meet with my fleet, to choose whom next to send.
When the king is dead, the massacre will end.
To accomplish my plan, my will I will expend,
And to my foes, nowhere near an ounce of mercy lend.
I will fight for the spaces I am forced to defend.

A headlong glance down a diagonal file,
A girl sets a trap with her feminine wiles.
Agile, sneaking up from the back,
I have no defense from this blitzkrieg attack.
This masquerade, this heart blockade,
This flirting encounter and her poker face.
The space I control I desire be filled,
With her presence but I can't let her break down my will.

I advance then retreat, my opponent does the same,
It's a way of life, how dare one call it a game,
It's a shame lives will be lost, but they shall not die in vain,
A soldier's death is speedy, no time to feel the pain.
The battle was swift and fierce, all my energy is drained,
Set up for the knock down, his attack was just a feign,
I am left on this field with just king and pawns, I'm wrecked
I fought for a noble cause, all that's left is the affect

You treat one another without due respect,
Like disgruntled customers begging for checks.
You act inconsequential, but here is the thing:
Bring hope and ambition to change the current condition,
Instead of bitching and twitching, speak firmly, they'll listen.
Do like we do give it all and don't quit,
Like Gilligan, mate, then like a knight, yo I split.


This is war and I shall shed no tears.
Crisscrossed squares, some we hold so dear.
And yet, others we fear.
Attack or retreat? The answer unclear.
As unsure I am of this square.
Time's running out and the thread's become bear.
I haven't the pieces to move,
Still I remain undaunted with nothing to prove.
Lyrics by Josh, ANT
Music by Josh, Ilia, Juice