Sick of life playing me to a draw,
I rise to full height, cast off the last straw.
I'm impervious now to thoughts that might have set me
Off, You pose no threat and more, you cANT upset me.
Let me take you along on a ride.
Let me open up and show just whats inside.
Weve found the answer, and we intend to use it.
Just sit back and relax, cuz here comes the music.

(Band comes in)

Notes on a page, a feel devoid of rage
A desire to be where I'm free, yeah up on stage.
Turn the page, let the story unfold;
Bout 5 kids going nowhere...or so I'm told.
But I disagree, and I'll tell you why,
We got what it takes to soar, yeah to fly.
The passion and the knowledge of the ways to please your ear,
Your lack of hope means nothing, cuz we have no fear.

Clearly, we exist upon a higher plain.
Separated from the little things that are driving you insane.
A day without music is a waste of a day;
But a day without honor is even worse, I'd say.
If it doesnt make sense then think, why are you doing it?
Think outside their rules, live your life and be true to it.
Pack the bowl, hit the volume and of life be in awe.
Do what thou wilt should be the whole of the law.


The heart it pulses to a steady beat.
Rhythm is present when the earth meets feet.
Even the bird knows melody.
His accompaniment is the rustling of leaves.
The constANT pitter patter of the falling rains,
The crackle of fire is a symphony aflame.
The precise ticking of clockwork gears.
The music is out there, just open your ears.

Whenever I'm down I access the greatest side of me;
A steady lyrical stream of consciousness from a source that resides in me.
You'll know I have a reason when I address you in rhyme;
Put some flow to a tune; make it sound sublime.
This style speaks to me as it should to you.
I'm true to good music cuz good music is the truth.
For those who embrace it and let it take control;
Music is the greatest salve for the soul.

Its empowering, liberating and never fading.
And when you hear our words you'll know, its even educating.
We yearn to learn what life is all about;
Being ourselves seeking beauty and removing self-doubt.
These are my opinions and they may not be yours.
Still I'd like to feel you so I open my doors.
I wANT to know what you think, love and feel;
We're everyday people and we know that you're real.

Lyrics by Josh and ANT
Music by Josh and Ilia