Verse I

Thank god it's over, I'm safe and sound.
You see, in my sleep I heard a sound.
After that dream in darkness I'm drowned.
I just woke up drenched in sweat.

I try to go back to sleep but it's no use.
I can't take these nightmares, this nightly abuse.
Thoughts come to me and they're quite profuse.
I think about challenges offered and met.

I sit in darkness and try to rack my brain.
Why has my enemy fear risen again?
What he does to me makes me go insane.
I got to kill him I've got to kill this.

Thoughts of events past from long ago.
Thoughts of events that have yet to show.
He's back again, my one and only foe.
My head hurts, mind is in a twist.

Is there no end to this burning question?
Will fear always force me in the same direction?
Will my savior bravery ever make an objection?
I must ask myself, what do I fear?

To say one is without fear is a bold face lie.
But eventually every man will try;
I have no fear we all deny.
But the truth stabs us like a spear.

I'm afraid what I say will never be enough,
I'm afraid the path ahead is far too rough,
I'm afraid my inner wolf will come huff and puff,
I'm afraid that I'll trade my soul for wealth.

I fear my life after I'm dead.
I fear her intentions after what she said.
I'm afraid in a fight my feet will turn to lead.
I fear this fear itself!


Come look me in the eye.
Stare at me, ask me why I can handle all your lies, I am fearless.

Bear no facade, or claim the strength of a god,
but when put to the test you must be fearless.

Verse II

It's not monsters that live under your bed,
Or creatures with fangs and eyes that glow red,
Or a prowling beast that needs to be fed
The things I feel are real.

I'm not talking bout things that go bump in the night.
But about things in this world that should keep you in fright;
The world we inhabit and it's lack of light,
That fact some don't know to feel.

I fear a gun in the hands of a man who's irate;
That my pardon will come just a second too late;
That I'm not in control and it's all up to fate;
I fear the acts of our new president.

I fear my kids will live in a world filled with strife;
That Tipper will censor my music; my life!
That people like Marx will try and limit my rights;
That my truths won't be self-evident.

I'm afraid I'll forget where my people are from,
I'm afraid that I'll change the tunes that they hummed,
I'm afraid my values won't be passed on to my young,
I'm afraid I'll forget my roots.

What scares me is the concept of conformity;
The notion that we all blend with society,
That I'll be someone else instead of being me,
I'm afraid they are all in cahoots.

I'm frightened when I watch the 10 o'clock news.
When I know the answer but they don't know who.
I know it's the man , but the man hides the clues.
I fear the Iron Fist.

I afraid that life is just an illusion;
Just a long ass trip, a thought, a delusion;
That the fact is in this conclusion:
That you and I don't exist!

Verse III

Let me tell you a thing about fear:
About the things it does to you whenever it's near,
The way it looks at you with a devilish sneer,
I hate this fucking emotion!

Eyes wide open face down in the abyss,
Wondering how my life ended up like this?
Till now all it's been is hit or miss.
I hate the way it sets your pulse in motion.

It's on my tail now; it's after me.
It clouds my vision I can barely see.
And now all of a sudden it's talking to me.
Ye gods I'm gonna sink.

I've got to choose, I can run or stand ground.
Now fear is yelling at me, I hear him all around.
It's decision time; I don't wANT to hear a sound.

So I start to run, I'm really hauling ass.
But even now, I fear that I'll come in last.
What I would give to have this terror pass.
What in the hell am I to do?

Shall I give up, let the fear win?
I'm so fucking sick of his evil grin.
I've had enough, my patience worn thin.
If I succumb, then I am through.

All fear needs is a victim to prey.
A terrified soul with which to play.
If "fuck you" to fear is what you say;
Then fear won't exist and this you can't deny.

Fear can't stand up to the gauntlet thrown.
Stand up to him and a thing or two's shown.
Remember that fear is a thing to be owned.
When fear stares you down spit in its eye.


Come look me in the eye.
Stare at me, ask me why I can handle all your lies, I am fearless.

Bear no facade, or claim the strength of a god,
but when put to the test you must be fearless.

Lyrics by Josh and ANT

Music by Josh and Ilia