Crazy Bitch

Wake up in the morning,
See you sleeping next to me.
I never knew how great
True love could be.
I've been searching for it
Nearly all my life.
Can i ask you a question?
"What's with the knife?"
Oh shit!
Out of all the chicks in the world,
I had to fall for this fucking physco girl.
I remember the morning I told her I loved her.
Next thing I know I'm being followed by a stalker.

Wake up at 3:30 to my smoke alarm,
I run downstairs to get out the house without harm.
Don't see any flame;
So around I start looking.
CRAZY BITCH in my kitchen cooking.
"How did you get in ?, You don't have a key."
She said "sit down and eat your breakfast sweetie."
Well I'm calling the cops; she's loco in the head.
I pick up the phone
But the phone lines dead

I turn and look at her,
See her evil smile;
I book out the house;
Run for about a mile.
At the Police station I plead my case.
They call me crazy and laugh in my face.
They cuff me and put me in a padded cell.
All white walls they say, "here you'll get well."
I look next to me and then I start to twitch.

oh shit it can't be its that CRAZY BITCH.

Lyrics by ANT
Music by Ilia