Card Game

The One-Eyed Jack spied on the suicide King,
The Queen of clubs had her American Dream.
We play this game of War, with the deck stacked;
But we are beaten by Jokers as we finish our acts.
The ANTe is up, the capital is on the line;
The facts are not importANT to us, we bluff all the time.
For a dime- we lie cheat and steal.
Now here comes the rhyme, the victims are real.

I declare war on you.

In the back yard two best friends play,
Only three years old, one lays his card down and says "I declare War."
They soon grow to 16, moving up in the world;
When an argument starts over the love of a girl.
Is it teenage aggression, or did society instill,
Their values of money, and the instinct to kill?
The lack of free will evident, as if it never existed.
And when one fights for the wrong cause you think that its twisted.

The age is now 35 and it is WWIII,
They meet on the battlefield sporting guns and fatigues.
Soon my age will be 75 and to my grandkids I must explain:
How my best friend died in a child's Card Game;
because of feelings untamed and faces unnamed.
Are lost and we remain in pain.
Why did I declare war?

ANTe up ace, a new hand's getting dealt,
Think of how the cards fall and of how they get felt.
Life unlike cards a game of skill not chance,
You take the hand you're given, 'round the table you glance.
You discard, you draw, you bluff and you blathe,
You expect to double down and remain unscathed,
Away from harm and karma's arm,
Where how the deck gets shuffled ain't no cause for alarm?
It doesn't work like that, the cards repeat,
The strongest army if unjust will meet defeat.
There's homicide rings led by suicide Kings,
The Queen's in her Club with all her beautiful things like:
Ruby Hearts, pearly strings,
Gold and silver Diamond Rings,
Royals trounce commons, who need to win the pot,
Caught in the impossible game that the royals begot.
The House of Cards will fall if built weak or too high,
This perception is lost to the Jack with one eye.
The Pair in the right gets trumped by the Full House,
Comprised of the righteous need to flush em all out,
And as you climb the rungs of that corporate ladder,
Remember the chips aren't importANT, it's your friends that matter.
I saw the game was fixed so I folded just in time,
Now I sit Solitaire quite aware of the design
I denounce your crimes from War down to Poker,
And draw for myself a card I relate to,

The joker.

Lyrics by ANT(first part) and Josh(second part)
Music by Josh and Ilia