Spinning Around (X 4) , until I'm found
Head in the clouds (X 4), feet on the ground
Spinning Around (X 4), until i fall

Verse 1

young and dizzy, smile on face
simplicity's fun, time to waste
got a taste, mind-erased
for a second life is graced

chased through a maze, afraid; still brave
not crazed, enslaved, still made the grade
laughed and played, stayed out for days
not a phase of age, but truth like that of sage

spinning globe, one turn a day
blue turns black, and all's OK
thoughts and words, nothing to say
clouds roll against the gray

drops do fall, no more play
all wish that they could stay
ball of flame, make the trade
with cries and hopes they prayed


Verse 2

dreamer of dreams, unreal it seems
too much hatred, dollar schemes
alas gold gleams, feeds the steam
of the evil green machine

streams unclean, non-pristine
apathy for fellow beings
true art flees, "more pop mom please"
Who's left to hug the trees?

seas of oil, dyed blood red
a game of war born in one's head
love instead, no more dead
a child kneels beside his bed

it begins with me, i finally see
a better world for you and me
break the cycle, do good deeds
fellow men now hear the plea


Spinning around, confounded by enigmas and the mysteries
found myself enlisted by my history, or her story
It gets to me, tortures me, can't you see?
pound for pound it forces me, drags me down and out i shout
but no one hears the sound as i search for an out
a reprieve some relief i say my piece but what about
and to whom i shut the doors to my room for a few
enjoy the view as the sun makes its arch across the sky
if April is the cruelest month this surely is a March in disguise
as a masquerade ball, where the guests all arrive when the hour is tall
and i sit in the corner with my back to the wall all night
i look for sun but falling rain's the only sound that i hear with my ear to the sky
as i try to move on from the fear, then i see the ground rushing up to me like springtime
as i fall from the clouds to make my rounds in the dirt where I'm small
like the ANTs as they crawl, thought I'd seen it all, now im

Lyrics by ANT, Josh
Music by Ilia, Josh, Juice