from ANT, 7/7/01

Well I am sure most of you have heard the news ...... I have a boo boo, a pretty bad one at that, I broke my leg in THREE places on the 3rd. They operated on the 4th and kept me in the hospital until the 6th ....... I am at home now, but in a lot of pain .... they have me on some pretty strong pain killers, which helps, but i am trying to walk so can start getting to shows, for all of you ..... I was looking forward to playing the two shows in Baltimore ....... now for the mushy section -

John, thank you soooo much for not leaving me in the woods when I broke my leg man, I was panicking a lot, and was talking some pretty bad shit, but you stayed there and kept me as calm as possible, there is no way Ican repay you for that -

Ilia, thanks for getting help for us -

Josh, I know when you are in the tree house, you are living life to the fullest, it means a lot to me that you came out from the "party" to come and cheer me up for a few min before my surgery -

The ENTIRE Shryock family, thank you so much for coming out to visit me in the hospital, it means a lot to me, that you all came out, staring at a TV is only fun when you are healthy ;)

and finally to the fans -

it is because of YOU all, that Iam pushing myself hard, through this physical therapy to get well, IwANT to be up on the stage in front of you all ASAP ...... I am having good and bad days right was OK (I made it downstairs to the computer) but iwill not be so lucky everyday .... so if you wANT to get in touch with me, a good OLE fashion letter would do it, I will be SURE to get back to you, I have nothing else to do .....

6811 Freeport Street
Hyattsville, MD 20784

Much love,