Name: Joshua Richard Rocchio

Call me: Josh

Born: January 21, 1983


Philosophy on Music:

Music is the only thing worth living for. Nothing is so complex, so capable of capturing an emotion, so pompously beautifulůso perfect. Music should come in all different time signatures, in all different keys and in all different moods. I do not usually like bands that limit themselves to a single style, yet prefer bands who are good enough, confident enough, and creative enough to touch on a diverse range of styles. As Ilia said to me once, "In putting together the four essential elements - melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics - the composer must have all four thought out to the same high degree, and the resulting work must exhibit all four in equilibrium and with an appeal to the aesthetic senses of people of all walks of life." I am incredibly fortunate to be working with people who love and live for music. I wouldn't trade Ilia and ANT for anyone. Draw inspiration from the fact that music exists. Peace.

Ars gratia artis.