The new demo is complete! These songs are available for download (in reverse chronological order by date of release):

True Intentions time 5:26 size 7.28 MB
Card Game time 4:06 size 5.63 MB
Crazy Bitch time 3:22 file size 4.64 MB
Hope time 5:20 file size 7.34 MB
Around time 7:45 file size 10.6 MB

Note: these files are optimized to be played in stereo. Results on monophonic players may not be satisfactory.

Live at the Thunderdome, on 8/03/03:

Here's an old treat, the alternate version of Fearless!

Drums: Josh Rocchio; Bass: Sam Richter; Vocals/percussion: ANT; Guitar: Ilia Asafiev; Keyboards/vocals: Omar Richter


Old stuff from original line-up:

Drums: Josh Rocchio; Bass: Steve West; Vocals/percussion: ANT; Guitar left: Ilia Asafiev; Guitar right/vocals: John Shryock

How Far


Fearless (ANT on vocals)

Fearless (ANT and Josh on vocals)

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