Name: ANThony LaVorgna Jr

Email: First name at domain name dot net.

InstANT Message: ANT44lbs

Band Role: Vocals, Alternate Percussion, Trumpet, Lyrics, Booking

Nickname: ANT

From: Landover, MD

Influences: 311,Sound Garden, Rage Against The Machine,Cypress Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Rustic Overtones, SEV, Jepetto, Grand Buffet, Imbue, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Backyard Band, Junkyard Band, Chuck Brown

Fav Bands: (See Above) and Benny Goodman, B.B. King, Frank Sinatra, Tito Puente, and Robert Johnson

Sources of Inspiration (Musically and other): Life, Women, Feelings, Emotions, Fears, War, Brotherhood, Ric Nigel, Josh (Roach), Ilia (The Russian with the tude), and great local and indie bands the world round.

Fav Local Bands:

Although being a fan of music throughout life, I didn't start getting involved as "ANT" until about 97....when I discovered the tremendous amount of music in our own backyards...since then I have been one of the biggest local music fans. To my surprise I gained local music support through my webpage Eclecticland.(look at the guestbook)

It started with SEV, and soon bands such as Live Alien Broadcast, Moodroom, Mary Prankster, Supermack, Maven, Dog Fashion Disco and IMBUE joined the list of bands I began to unofficially promote. It was soon after when I found a group of people in my school who had a band. I was originally brought in to play keyboards, but soon became the front man for The Nicotine Patch Kids, who went on to open for some of the area's best bands.

After the death of my mother in July of 2000, I chose to involve myself more deeply with my music, however my band did not have the commitment I was looking for. I soon joined up with friends Steve West and John Shryock who had recently been through a band breakup themselves. After many "chill sessions" with John, Steve, and newly found guitarist Ilia and drummer Josh, I agreed to be a part of this "non traditional" band. 44LBS was born.

Percussion came into the band shortly after the band was formed although it was not a field that I had been in before, percussion seemed to be natural to me, so I play lots of congas, bongos, vibratone, tambourine, donkey jaw, spoons, pots, pans and anything else I can bang on.

The original members of 44lbs shared the stage with Random Order, Safety 2nd, Better Than Nothing, Diversion, Chatterfish, Infared, Pourbox, Undermine, The Venkmans, Mr. Underhill, Oddzar, Pebble Dare, Elysium, Second String, Cactus Patch, 37 slurp, Velvasheen, SOHL, Mr. Bonz, Jepetto, Adema, Stuck, Worst Case Scenario, State of Mind, Forever AD, The Preps, Slo Bomb, Jacks House, Meathook, Supine, Downpour, Sunspot, Bad Ronald, Legalize This, God the Band, Manifest, Column Seven, Petrofeen, Jodokast, and Hybred.

As you can see 44lbs was pretty well known and established, playing shows with local, indie and even a few nationally known bands. However there came a time when and inter-band trust became a problem of concern and we had to part ways with John Shryock.

With John out of the band we began the search for a new vocalist and guitar player because I did not have the confidence to sing. After a few months of heavy practicing I began to get used to being a singer, lyricist, "rapper", and alternate percussionist.

A couple of months later Steve decided to part ways with 44lbs, he left on the best possible terms unlike Shryock. Due to his departure from the band, I have worked very closely with Josh in lyric writing, vocal training, and soon I will be picking up the trumpet to add to my small list of musical skills.

Josh and Ilia have thrown me into a new level of involvement with this band as of late. The new music is more harmonious and contains much more melody than previous 44lbs songs, allowing me to extend my vocal range yet stay true to the hip hop stylings that I love. I have also progressed pretty well in the field of percussion although I believe I will never be done learning new things.

To read writings by me (poems, and lyrics old and new) visit our fan site and click on poems and of course the lyrics section of this page.

Believe it or not, ANT has actually been featured in many articles from SPIN, The Rolling Stone, The National Geographic and even The Gay Blade. We couldn't get ahold of any of these interviews, but here are just some random questions these magazines have asked him at one time or another.

What are your current Living Arrangements?
When My Life Starts, I will be sure to let ya'll know

What book are you reading now?
To many people's surprise, the BIBLE....(it is an excellent work of Historical Fiction)

What's on your mouse pad?
I believe we call this thing a mouse

What is your favorite game?
Well seeing as how I NEVER get any without help, I'd have to say Spin the Bottle

What's your favorite Magazine?
Playboy (I read it for the articles)

What is your favorite smell?
That smell of success when you get off the stage and you are like "damn we rocked", maybe it is just sweat though

Favorite Sound?
My own voice

Worst feeling in the world?
Knowing that no matter what the fuck you do, you can NEVER please every one of your fans

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
Why did I wake up?

Roller Coaster, scary or exciting?
Hahahaha, good question....I used to run the coasters at 6 Flags

How many rings before you answer the phone?
call me at (301)322-7085 and find out

Future or present daughter's name?

Future or present son's name?
ANThony LaVorgna III (ANT)

Favorite food?
Pita and Hummus with Feta and Olives

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Do you like to drive fast?
I drive?

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Nah, Just my pup Kova

Storms--cool or scary?
I like to videotape storms on my roof!! I like to hear lightning and see thunder.

What type was your first car?

Who would you meet if you could meet one person dead or alive?
I'd like to meet myself but I'd like to be a female when I do, so I can see what exactly it is that drives women away from me.

Do you eat broccoli stems?

If you could have any job you wANTed, what would it be?
Weather man!!! I'd like to be paid 100% for being wrong 90%

Have you or would you dye your hair any color?
Hahahahaha, lets see, done blue, red, purple, pink, green, orange, yellow, black, white and a mix of some of the above mentioned colors

Ever been in love?
yes, 2 times - one time it worked till she passed away, the other time it didn't get returned the way I would've liked

Is the glass half empty or half full?
Depends on which side of the glass i am on

Favorite movie?
The Devil's Advocate

Are you a righty or lefty?
depends on what I am doing ;)

Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?
urd o fp

What's under your bed?
I am afraid to find out, wanna come over and check my bed for me?

What's your favorite number?